Groove 55

Smooth Funky Music

We all want to thank everyone for their Love.
It's been a real good trip for Groove 55,
whose founder Jacques is retiring from Music.

This is a mix of Groove 55 members, Yves Adam, Sidney Arruda and myself, and Mango Taxi Alumni Jean-Claude Béliveau.

Jacques Mignault

Keyboards, Production

Co-founder of Groove 55 (Quebec), and instigator of over twenty jazz albums, Jacques composes, arranges and oversees the production in all its aspects.

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Yves Adam


Co-founder of Groove 55, Yves is from south of Montreal, and is in large part responsible for the smooth suave sound and the sweet brass arrangements of Jacques' productions.

I work with a collaborative group of friends working towards the same goals: making great music, publishing world class top quality audio, and video productions.

All the previous albums from Groove 55 are available on iTunes and Spotify, and all ourfuture albums will be available in all the major streaming stores as well.

Jacques Mignault (Keyboards) studied alongside Art Roberts at Montreal’s Concordia University; he would later go on to win the inaugural first prize of the Roland Synthesizer music contest among seven hundred entrants spanning over twenty-two countries that was judged by the late great Oscar Peterson.

Jacques' main accomplice is Yves Adam (alto, tenor & baritone sax, as well as clarinet) a graduate of McGill’s music faculty in jazz performance and former saxophone teacher at The Montreal International Jazz festival Blues Camp, and currently teaching in a high school music program.

A montage of a number of video shots which I edited, putting Jojo (Joceline Dupras) in the spotlight.
The video was produced by Claude Lafferière of the Villa Del Sueno in Costa Rica.
I played on this song, mixed it and mastered it. I think it came out pretty nice.